RV Parts


  • Air Conditioners – Duotherm, Coleman, Cruise-Air, Brisk Air
  • Roofing – Rubber, TPO, Fiberglass, Aluminum
  • Refrigerators – Dometic, Norcold, Tundra models
  • Furnaces – Suburban, Atwood, Hydroflame
  • Awnings – A&E, Carefree
  • Converters – Progressive Dynamics, Friendship, Atwood, Elixir, Iota,Parallax, Todd
  • Inverters – Magnum, Friendship
  • Generators – Onan, Honda, Generac (Guardian), Kohler
  • Interior – complete remodeling, custom woodworking, furniturereplacements/upholstery
  • Flooring — carpet, tile, vinyl, wood floors
  • Complete LP repair & fabrication
  • Windshield replacement
  • Toilets – Sealand, Thetford, Microphor, Headhunter
  • ALL plumbing and holding tanks
  • Virtually any appliance in an RV


Insure you trailer gets approved parts and supplies from Ranger RV.  The right supplies make all the difference, using products designed for home use do not always work or last. Our Catalog has information on which products will work best.


Healthy Roof program service available here!!!

When Was the Last Time You Inspected Your Roof?

When was the last time your had your RV roof properly serviced/ inspected? Regular roof inspection and maintenance will protect your investment and prevent costly repairs down the road. You should thoroughly inspect your RV roof at least twice a year. As part of your regular maintenance program, the condition and integrity of your roof materials should be inspected along with sealant around vents and other protruding fixtures. Leaks and tears that can be easily fixed now could turn into expensive problems later if moisture gets into the interior structure. Regular cleaning and maintenance will add years to the life of your roof, improve the resale value, and ensure that your RV is always ready to hit the road when you are.
Ranger RV mobile service is available for on site inspections, service call fees still apply on site.

Roof Maintenance Tips

before cleaning after cleaning roof

Cleaning, maintenance, service and performing minor repairs regularly is important to keeping your RV roof healthy. Before walking on the surface of your RV roof, check your owner’s manual.

  • Metal roofs are primarily found on older RVs. For metal roofs, lay plywood strips or wide boards lengthwise to distribute weight
  • Newer RVs have rubber coated roofs, which usually have 3/16th to ½ inch playwood or particle board sheeting that will support your weight
  • Check shoes for abrasive materials that could damage the roof covering

Clean your roof regularly

Roof Cleaner ApplicationClean your roof at least 3-4 times a year, more often if you park under trees. This will prevent deterioration or staining from tree sap, bird droppings or algea and mold buldup. Regularly cleaning your roof will also reduce streaking of sidewalls.

NOTE: Never use cleaners or conditioners containing petroleum solvents, harsh abrasives or citric-based cleaners. For normal cleaning of rubber roofs, we recommend using Dicor’s ready-to-use Rubber Roof Cleaner or Dicors RP-RC160C, a more concentrated mixture for difficult stains.

For normal service/cleaning:

  • Rinse the roof with clean water to remove any loose dirt or debris
  • Use a medium bristle brush and scrub the entire roof with the Dicor’s concentrated cleaner RP-RC160C (order #45893) cleaner mixed with water or Dicor’s ready-to use RP-RC320S (order# 46894).
  • Use a medium bristle brush and scrub the entire roof with the cleaner mixed with water or soap and water
  • Rinse thoughly with clean water to avoid residue build-up on the roof or sidewalls
  • Clean lap sealant around roof mounted accessories with a mild soap; if additional cleaning is needed wipe dirt build-up with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits
  • If additional UV protection is desired, apply Dicor’s RP-RG320S Rubber Roof Guard Protectant immediately after cleaning.

Apply new roof coating

Roof coatingProperly coating your roof will add 5+ years to the life of your roof and make it look like new again.

Dicor’s rubber Roof Renew kit RP-RRK-30 (order# 46891) was designed to be used on older units that no longer have an original warranty. For rubber roof apply Dicor’s 2 part Activator/Cleaner (RP-RPC-Q) and Acrylic Coating (RP-CRC-1)System or complete Roof Renew Kit.

  • For metal roofs use Dicor’s Elastomeric Coating (RP-MRC-1) (order #44742). • Always follow Dicor’s recommendations for application of either system.
  • Always follow Dicor’s recommendations for application of either system.

Preforming minor repairs

DiSeal applicationA small tear in your roof material or lap sealant can allow water to seep into the structure or interior of your RV.

To Repair/service or Touch-up lap sealant:

Check existing lap sealant. If lap sealant is loose and can be removed easily, remove it. If not, seal over it using the Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant (501LSW, 502LSW or 505LSW) (white, order #95651 or bright white, order #95652).

  • Wipe the existing seal with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Use ¼” to 3/8” bead to reseal.
  • Lap sealant will “skin over” in approx. 5 minutes
  • Lap sealant becomes waterproof in approx. 4 hours.

Lap Sealant ApplicationTo repair minor tears/puncture:

  • Clean the area with either soap and water or rubbing alcohol dampened on a cloth. Prepare a patch using the Dicor peel & stick type patch (402-PR) (order #49328) overlapping the area a minimum of 2 “ on all sides.
  • Run a small bead (1/4” to 3/8”) of self leveling lap sealant (501LSW, 502LSW or 505LSW) around area repaired. (white, order #95651 or bright white, order #95652).
  • For larger repairs or radius repairs, Dicor’s R33RM-6 (6” x 25’) (order# 78929) or 533RM-12 (12” x 25”) (order# 49328) peel and stick material is available.

To repair roof vents: Follow information regarding repairing lap sealant.

Replace your RV roof if needed

Your RV roof may need to be replaced if it is extremely cracked or perforated. Call a RV service company for replacement

Dicor’s Brite-Ply EPDM rubber roofing and TPO roofing has been weather tested for a minimum 20 year life expectancy – if properly serviced/maintained. There may come a time when repairing vs replacing is an issue. Certainly, conditions of the roof such as age, weathering, maintenance, and peace of mind all are deciding factors.

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