A Motorhome Rental Is Your Ticket To Travel Freedom

Holidays are often hectic, with jammed airports, cancelled flights, and rigid itineraries. Rather than spending another holiday as part of a group attempting to see as much as possible within a very limited time, some people are choosing a motorhome rental. Not only does this put them back in control of their own holiday schedule, but offers unique adventures that appeal to all ages.

Compared to a five-star hotel, travelling and sleeping in a motorhome may not seem like much of a holiday, but renting one of these vehicles is like bringing all the comforts of home on the road. When first introduced, many models were modestly appointed, but times have changed. Today’s motor caravan not only features cooking, bathroom, storage, and shower facilities, but also includes comfortable sleeping conversions.

The roomiest are designated A-class, meaning that they were designed for this purpose from the ground up, rather than having a cabin added to an existing frame. Designers have become experts in space utilization, and can fit far more than the basics into a small area. In addition to the essentials, some models feature entertainment in the form of game boxes, DVD players, and satellite television service.

It is important to choose the right-sized vehicle, primarily to ensure comfort during holiday travel. If the facilities are too small or cramped, sleeping may be difficult. Ask to see the beds in their folded-down position, and do not hesitate to stretch out. Some models designed for couples feature a bed that remains in place, but most do not, and it is better to test first than to be sorry later.

One of the main money-saving advantages of a motor home is the kitchen. While most units do not have full-sized ovens, holiday-goers usually find a standard combination microwave/convection oven totally adequate as long as electricity is available. Preparing meals this way reduces the need to eat in a restaurant, leaving more funds available for recreation.

Some custom-built units have large bathrooms, but they are exceptions. Prior to renting, check the bathroom facilities for size and design. Space limitations guarantee that the shower will be small, and that the water heater will have limited capacity, but this is usually not a problem when travelling. Flush toilet reservoirs can be emptied periodically at official waste dumps, a relatively simple process.

For those new to this form of transportation, a test drive may be an excellent idea prior to rental. Most of these vehicles are a little wider and much heavier than most cars, but operating one is simple, and most have automatic transmissions. Vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes require a C1 UK license, but those weighing less can be driven under a standard permit.

Once on the road, it is easy to see how a holiday of this type is both stimulating and rewarding. Travelling without a restricted schedule gives holiday-goers a sense of unparalleled freedom, and can be truly relaxing. Rentals of these vehicles are available throughout the UK and Europe, as well as in North America and many other regions. Consider motorhome rental when planning your next holiday.

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