Are Lemon Laws Going to Replace Lemons?

In the automobile industry, a lemon is referred to a substandard vehicle that cannot be fixed after a reasonable repair attempts. Lemon laws were enacted to provide protection and assistance to all lemon owners within the United States. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is the grandfather of all the lemon laws throughout America. Once your vehicle is proven to be a lemon, you will be rewarded with compensation options. Compensation depends upon the state’s lemon laws.

Option 1: Lemon Replacement

Once you have proven your case and prevail in the lemon laws suit against the manufacturer, you have the option of a car replacement. The manufacturer or dealer must replace your vehicle that is “substantially identical” to the proven lemon car. The automobile manufacturer or dealer shall shoulder licensing fees and tax charges. Replacement sanctions may vary by state lemon laws.

Option 2: Refund

If refund is claimed, you are entitled to get a reimbursement of the original price of the vehicle. The court will also entitle the manufacturer or dealer to refund any sales tax paid on the vehicle, monthly finance payments, down payment, repair charges, towing fees and rental car expenses. When the car stalled out of town, some states also entitle the consumer to a refund of lodging costs, meals, phone calls and postage charges. However, the manufacturer may deduct some amount for mileage usage.

How to Claim Compensation

You cannot claim any compensation without winning your case. Likewise, you cannot win a lemon law suit by yourself. Lemon laws are ambiguous thus requires the expertise of a lemon law attorney. If you are stuck with a lemon, you have the right to a just compensation. Juice your lemon for a refund or replacement at the soonest possible time. Remember, once the warranty expires you cannot expect lemon laws to protect you.

Hiring a lemon law attorney is your best move if you’re seeking for justice against the fraudulent manufacturer or dealer who sold you the lemon. Filing a case is a legal matter that needs legal expertise. True, each state has different provisions of lemon laws. Thus, a lemon law attorney practicing within your state is better than a lawyer from a far- away state, right? Anyway, when you ought to fight against the dealership, make sure you have the best lawyer to represent your case. These car manufacturers are likewise knowledgeable in fighting a lemon law suit. Of course, they are also represented by their own lemon law attorney. Why would you ever battle against these gigantic automobile companies alone? You’re doomed to lose- so obvious huh!

Your lemon law attorney will take over your case. The lawyer will do anything on your behalf. His expertise will guide you all throughout your lemon laws claim. Furthermore, he can provide you with helpful and worthy information regarding your case.

Do not worry how much he’s worth. Most states demand manufacturers to shoulder payments for the lemon law attorneys representing the consumers once the complainants prevail in their respective cases.

A monetary refund or a vehicle replacement is so much attainable once you have a very good defendant. A lemon law attorney will help you get rid of your sour lemon experience.

Seomul evans is a Website Marketing consultant for Louisiana lemon law attorneys.