ATV Loading Ramps – How To Choose The Best One

With such a huge number of ATV loading ramps on the market today, it can be really tough to choose the right one. But then on the other hand, with so many great ramps out there, you should have no trouble finding a ramp system that works best for your situation and set-up.

First of all, think about how and where you’ll use an ATV loading ramp. Do you plan to load your four- wheeler onto a pickup or into a trailer? What do you think weather and ground conditions will be like? Do you have to load up by yourself or can you count on having help?

When you’ve finished answering these questions, you’ll next need to make a decision on what style ramp will suit your needs the best. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each of these four basic kinds of ATV loading ramps.

* Bi-fold ramps fold in half widthwise. These ramps are compact which can mean that it’s more challenging to try to store them under the ATV while traveling.

* A tri-fold ramp can be folded in thirds widthwise. Tri-folds often comes with an open center track and so are easy to store under an ATV while you travel.

* A dual runner ramp is essentially two ramps. It comes in both a folding and a non folding style. Dual runners need an ATV with higher ground clearance if you’d like to store it under the ATV.

* Last is a hitch mounted ramp. It attaches to a trailer hitch. It can also be folded to store while you travel.

Regardless of which style of ramp you go for, any straight ramp will most likely need some extra length to avoid bottoming out your quad when loading. Avoid this problem by choosing an arched ramp.

When choosing a ramp, you’ll also need to consider the complete overall weight that needs supporting. Overall weight includes the weight of the ATV, as well as accessories attached to it, fuel, the weight of the operator, and the weight of any cargo. It’s a good idea to buy a ramp system with a weight capacity that goes beyond what you need.

One more thing to consider is the width of any ramp. Although you can likely get by using a ramp that’s just wide enough to fit your ATV. But it will be a lot lot easier, and safer, if you are using a ramp with width to spare.

For instance, if you’ve done some mud riding, it’s quite possible that your tires won’t get good traction. You may find the ATV may slide around a bit while loading. You don’t have to worry about this if your ramp is an extra wide one.

With so many ATV loading ramps currently available, be sure to take your time checking out all the options before deciding. You only want to do this once so be sure you do it right.

To get your ATV to the trail, you’ll probably need to load it up in the back of your pickup. It just makes sense to use a good solid aluminum loading ramp. Why trust your four wheeler to just any old ramp? Check out the huge variety of specialty ATV loading ramps by clicking on the link.

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