Black Mold: Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Against Silent Killers

Black mold has always been an unsightly problem seen in many homes in the country. However, there are more serious problems involving this type of mold aside from being unsightly and difficult to get rid of. Black mold causes severe respiratory diseases when people are exposed to them for a long time. In very humid areas, it is very common to see buildings and homes affected with black mold. Unfortunately, people are unconcerned of the fact that they cause certain diseases because they have lived around black mold for a long time without experiencing any symptoms from the exposure. Some people are especially sensitive to black mold and easily develop asthma attacks and runny noses when they are exposed. However, not all people are as sensitive, which make them less cautious about the harmful effects of black mold to the body.

Black mold is caused by a fungus called Stachybotrys atra. If you live in an old, damp building and it smells musty most of the time, it is likely that the place is full of black mold. Another sign that your home, building or office may be harboring black mold are when you are almost always suffering from sinusitis and it suddenly disappears when you get a good distance away from you place, then it is also possibly because of black mold.

Black mold is toxic and may cause several symptoms that you may or may not have suffered yet like consistent headaches, loss of memory, concentration problems, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, sinusitis that doesn’t go away, itchy eyes, nausea, tremors, difficulty of breathing, and fatigue. Moreover, it could be something as worse as cancer, respiratory distress, fluid in the lungs and miscarriage and birth defects for women and brain damage for babies.

If you have been living in a place where black mold is present and you have experienced these symptoms, contact your personal injury lawyer to see if you may file for claims. Black mold may also be present in the building where you might be working and schools where your children spend their time most. If it were found out that you have been suffering from symptoms related to black mold exposure and you have proved your assertions, then most likely, you will be awarded with settlement. Always make certain to be informed about black mold as it can not only affect adults but babies as well. If you notice a symptom that doesn’t go away and only does when you get away from a place, then it is highly possible that you may be dealing with black mold.

Institutions have provided significant evidence of the connection of black mold to some chronic diseases. It is your responsibility to know the risks and to clean up the molds at first sight. Bleach diluted in water is a simple solution that you may try at first and if found not to be helpful, you may hire mold exterminators in your area.

Most importantly, if you think that one of the members of your family has been suffering from symptoms of black mold exposure, investigate and find out where they could be inhaling the mold. Document your findings and hire the help of a good lawyer who can help you prove that your family is subjected to toxic molds and help you file for a claim.

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