Buying Used Caravans

So, us are actually searching with respect to the 1st caravan however us need no concept exactly what is actually great, exactly what is actually unsatisfactory as well as exactly what is actually visitting fold the second us abandon the tough made money.

Whilst caravans have actually enhanced significantly over the many yearses, there are actually still numerous features us require to maintain an eye out with respect to when making the acquisition. It is actually not rather as simple as purchasing a next hand vehicle!

We right here at Lifesure think the main features to think of when getting next hand caravans are actually:


Check out with respect to rust, particularly around the chassis location, as well as beneath the camper. If there is actually new color at that point it could possibly be actually the indication of a fast cover-up. Rust is actually a huge issue by having caravans as well as can easily be actually pricey to repair.

Examine Anything

Check out every little thing, out of the cooker to the windows. If us do not us are actually bound to locate a little something in the future that us did not observe. Also if there is actually absolutely nothing significant to be actually located, slight faults can easily be actually a great method to value by having the vendor & drive down the cost, Do not be actually scared to provide reduced than the inquiring cost, after all, if us do not inquire, us do not receive!

Water Leaks

Check for water leaks and dampness. Make sure you check any pipes in the van, also look around windows and the roof for signs of water damage. If there is a smell of damp in the air then there could also be a problem. A leaking caravan is a miserable place to be & can be costly to correct

Tow Hitch

Check out the tow hitch, make certain it shifts effortlessly as well as that the handbrake carries the camper when on

Dimension is actually every little thing

Is actually the camper the best dimension with respect to us? Can easily it match the household all easily within without receiving cramped?

You also need to be sure the van you are looking at is not too big for your car, If this is the case then you will put too much stress on the engine of your car, The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned cash on a caravan only to have to pay even more to fix your car!

Is actually the propeling up to mark?

If one are actually brand-new to caravanning at that point make certain one take a evaluation drive yanking the camper prior to one occur the vacation. Towing a caravan refers to as with respect to a incredibly assorted, even more very careful technique to pushing, there are actually lots of towing classes one are able to take to very quickly deliver one up to basic

Do not Impulse purchase. As by having a lot of next hand products, us ought to constantly watch the camper a couple times prior to making a choice, the possibilities are actually the 1st one is not visitting be actually the greatest offer so Do not be actually dash & purchase the 1st caravan us watch.


Do not be actually scared to haggle! Do not begin at the cost us desire to spend, constantly begin underneath as well as haggle up, us might be actually agreeably surprised just how a great deal us can easily receive from by just inquiring!

If you find this difficult to do, practice in the mirror or with a friend before.


So, you have followed all of the above steps & are now the proud owner of a nice caravan, all you need to do now is get your caravan insured.

Refer to as united state right here at Lifesure on 01480 402470 as well as obtain the boast & delight covered, we supply terrific cover at an also higher rate.

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