Caravan Holidays And How To Survive

It is much more common for people to be taking a caravan holiday these days. If you want to get away from the hum drum of everyday life then this is a great way to do it. If it is your first time on such a trip you may be a bit confused by it all; exactly how do you survive on such a holiday?

Hopefully by the end of this article, you will know what to do

When it comes to caravan holidays, one worry that a lot of people have is how they will manage to stay clean. Getting a shower installed in the caravan is possible however, it can be expensive. Thankfully most caravan sites have shower rooms so a lot of people will just use these.

Alternatively you could not for a more natural way and use the sea or a river to wash yourself. Some people will even just use a couple of buckets of water to wash themselves.

Another problem that people have is clean clothes and laundry; most caravans will not have a washing machine and tumble dryer. When I want to clean my clothes, I will use two buckets and fill one with warm water and detergent and put clear water in the other one to rinse the clothes. Many of the best caravan parks will have laundry rooms where you can use machines.

Cooking is another issue that people have. I don’t like the way the smell of cooking lingers so I tend to avoid cooking inside the caravan. Taking a portable gas cooker with you is advisable because that way you can cook your food outside. You can also find portable electric cookers these days but they will use quite a bit of electricty. Of course if you are really adventurous you could make a camp fire.

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