Caravans And Their Benefits

Many people have chosen to live in a static caravan home and for good reason, they really can offer a fantastic lifestyle, you can often choose a great location and you will get a LOT more for your money.

Static caravans tend to be around 40′ long by 12′ wide and comprise of bedrooms, a living area, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom (2 in some cases). There are varying ‘berth’ capacities, your size choice will probably be dictated on how many people you want to sleep there.

Static caravans are homes built in the factory and then transported to the site where they are expected to stay. There is no limit on what they can be used for. It will depend on your requirements, you might want to use it just as a holiday home, office or even a long term place of residence. Some companies will use them to house staff or even use them as offices and on site conference centres.

When you come to purchase one there are various factors to consider, for a large majority of people the deciding factor will be price, and this will vary greatly subject to the caravans age, condition and location. You don’t always need to have all the money to purchase one in full, there are various credit schemes available especially for static caravan homes. It can often be far cheaper than buying a traditional home, although you will need to have it inspected to make sure it is all in good order.

Static caravans for sale range from modest-looking mobile homes to full on luxury residences, you can find something for everyone’s budget and taste. With lower-end caravans, you will be looking at two bedrooms, a combined living/dining area, a smaller kitchen, a bathroom with a stand-up shower, and some limited storage. At the higher end, you will find 3 or more bedrooms, separate living and dining areas, 2 bathrooms, a larger kitchen, and more storage space. Some also come with extras like French doors, an outdoor deck and an electric fireplace.

It used to be thought that it was only the poor and travellers that lived in caravans, while that may have used to have been the case, it’s not now! So many more people from all walks of life are taking to the idea. Even if you only want a holiday retreat for a few weeks of the year a static caravan is a worthy investment, you could rent it out whilst you are not living there.

Static caravans as holiday destinations offer qualities other destinations may not. Their outside appearances are often very appealing and usually positioned in cosy camping sites near natural beauty spots. You usually even get all the modern gear you would expect in a normal home such as double-glazed windows, electric stoves, Wi-Fi and digital TV!

Static caravans give your whole family a great place to live, whether as a holiday home or permanently! It’s not surprising that so many people are looking for static caravans for sale, by not experiencing life in one, you are definitely missing out.

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