Different Types Of Small Campers

Small campers are the ideal companion for fun and cosy camping. You only need to see one parked at the side of the road to want one for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s only an old sixties hippie camper or a more up to date modern one, they all look like they can provide a cosy, fun road camping trip wherever you want to go.

Since the 1960’s people have associated long trips across America or anywhere for that matter with small campers. When you’re driving on the motorway you always see them dotted about with families going on vacation. For whatever reason you decide to purchase your camper, there’s many reasons for having one. People have used them as places to live in when they are travelling the world. The amount of times you see one that looks like it’s been to the end of the world and back. I have yet to see another vehicle that provides this presence of realness.

There are many different types of campers nowadays. Here are a few:

You have off-road variations which suit best for camping trips with the family, if you know you are heading to a rural location.

Classic Volkswagen campervans which were most famous in the 60’s and 70’s although there are many reissues that have been made recently. I have seen many of these on the roads and would say they are coming back into fashion.

British and European designs:

A-class – This is probably too large to be classed as a small camper as it is 7.5 tonnes, however the European versions are generally smaller than anywhere else for the A-class design.

High top – The high top model is built without coach style modifications and are sometimes fitted with shower units, which can be handy on a vacation!

Rising Roof- This small camper is based around a small van design. The roof can be extended upwards and is then formed into a bed. The roof is usually made of fabric.

These are just some of the most know small camper designs out there, you can find many more. Typically in a small camper you have to rearrange a few things to set up beds, tables and chairs. One thing that’s excellent about modern small campers is that they are now built with gas or electric and contain refrigerators. Years ago you could really only use them as a bed, but now you can cook, eat, sleep, wash and even watch television in them. If you are lucky you may get one with air conditioning in, which can help if you’re staying in a hot country.

The customer is always the top priority when the manufacturers are designing and building them. When travelling, you should always keep things simple and a small camper can help you to do just that. They are usually built with their own specialty and purpose and are designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike other vehicles, they offer you accommodation and travel for your vacation.

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