Finding Cheap Travel Through Europe

Backpacking through a strange and foreign land is, for countless people, a way to mark the break from one stage of life to another. It’s a transitional moment when people realize that they have moved from their childhood to their adulthood, and is often undertaken by people on gap years, about to become a student. Many people choose the European cities and countries which are world famous to travel around. But this comes at a cost, and so it’s important to find cheap travel through Europe.

It’s the center of civilization, with almost all grand cultures emanating from it. The Greeks, Romans, French and British all made their base here and spread their thought and philosophy across the globe. It’s home to cities like Berlin, with its infamous remains of the wall which separated communist East Germany from capitalist West Germany. Paris is home to a cafe culture and some of the most amazing museums in the world.

Paris, France is one of the world’s most romantic and storied cities. Scaling the hill outside the city at Montmartre to reach the church on top is something everyone should do. The city has a thriving cafe and bar culture, with great cuisine and a throbbing nightlife.

But getting around this continent is not as easy as it may seem. Though the scale of it is not necessarily that much greater than the United States, each country is individual and has its own border requirements. Additionally, many of the nations are separated by large masses of water, meaning that people need to buy expensive air fares or ferry tickets to get from one place to another.

People need to try and keep their costs low. Thankfully, many low cost airlines exist in the area that give decent quality service at a low price. But it is not airlines but railway systems which are the best way to travel.

It is possible to get a train from Britain right the way through the continent. The Channel tunnel moves passengers under the English Channel and onto the continent. Rail travel is the cheapest way to get around.

Whole European train tickets are available for purchase which allows cheap travel through Europe. It gives people the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery which defines this continent at a cheap price. People who are looking to go around the continent on a budget could do worse than to pick this particular method of transport.

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