FullTime RVing: There Is No Such Thing as Lost

Back in the days of the past, you probably got on a congested highway, battling with other people for all to travel to several locations, all being within the same path and every one of you trying to get there all at once. You’re likely elbow deep in humanity, thinking about open roads with the wind in your skin and not another soul around. In those days, you could get lost on your way to here or there, going through detours that kept you against exactly where you h to be.

Nowadays, you are not limited by a particular destination. If you do not know precisely where you are traveling, if you don’t have a fixed destination, then you certainly can’t get lost.

Working for an income meant living to your work. Whenever you went to your job, a portion of the income you earned was already spoken for by the government. If you ever paid to a retirement plan, then portion of your paycheck went to that as well. If you have the company’s health care insurance, another chunk of your money gone to that as well. Each and every penny had been set aside just before they reduce that particular paycheck and exactly how much of it did you get to enjoy, realistically?

Also, think of this: What if you paid into that retirement fund for 20 years and then just before you could really start to see the end of the tunnel, the company went belly up, wrecking all of that you’ve established in the process? It’s a common enough theme; it happens all of the time. So, there you are, financially lost, believing that you’ll never work out how to make it, confronted with being forced to start again.

Outside to the open road, the wind in your skin, your bed traveling alongside right behind you, the person that you love sitting in the seat next to you, even perhaps your dog, you aren’t lost. There’s no need to struggle through traffic because you can pick a route that can take you around the hustle and bustle of human life, out and round the big towns and cities and away from the congested highways. Once you are a full time RV-er, there’s just no such thing as lost.

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