Guidance For Choosing A Quality Second Hand Caravan

One of the greatest holidays you can have is in a caravan, you can just go whenever you feel like it and don’t have to worry about hotels or apartments. The possibilities are vast, there are many caravan sites around, some of them in very sought after beauty spots which will only add to your holiday experience.

Whilst a holiday is cheap, purchasing your own caravan is a lot more expensive. So many people search for used caravans for sale to help them get onto the caravan band wagon and there are a few things that you need to look out for.

First and foremost should of course be…how does it look? If it looks tatty and neglected then the chances are it’s not just the paintwork that’s suffering. It’s quite possible that you may want to repaint your caravan anyway so a bit of missing paint is no big deal, as long as there is no major bodywork rust.

There are many newspapers, magazines and internet websites where you can search for used caravans for sale that people are selling, so take some time to research and once you’ve found some that are interesting, make a time to go and view them. The interior should be in a relatively ok condition and not too tatty, so make sure you make this one of your first priorities to check out. Often the seats are worn in second hand caravans although this need not be a major concern as it won’t be too expensive to have the fabric replaced, or even replace the seats from a caravan that is being scrapped.

All of the electrical systems in the caravan should be in good working order and you must check this out. Hiring an electrician to sort out any problems there may be can be expensive and time consuming. Check all the other appliances as well like water and drainage. You should pay attention also to other fitted equipment and ensure it’s all in good order.

If everything in the interior checks out ok then give it a thorough inspection outside. You should be looking out for any major patches of rust as these could present a problem, plus check the overall paintwork condition. Minor problems can be fixed easily so don’t let that put you off. The walls of the caravan should also be properly sealed, so as to keep out water, it’s possible to repair bad sealing but preferably you want to avoid this if possible.

You should next inspect the underside of the caravan and also get some light on the situation, so take a torch or light of some kind, you want to be very through with this. Make sure you take a good look at the wheels also, if needed the tyres can easily and cheaply be replaced. Repairs to the structure could be costly, so it’s vital that you check and make sure there is minimal corrosion.

Pay attention also to the towing hook to make sure it’s all in great condition.

So make sure you take your time in choosing the perfect caravan for you, there are many to choose from and if you look hard enough and you will find the perfect one for you.

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