Help For Choosing The Appropriate Used Caravan

One of the greatest holidays you can have is in a caravan, you can just go whenever you feel like it and don’t have to worry about hotels or apartments. The possibilities are vast, there are many caravan sites around, some of them in very sought after beauty spots which will only add to your holiday experience.

A caravan vacation is very cost effective, but if you want to buy your own caravan then you will need to fork out much larger sums of money. It’s not surprising that there are so many folks in the market for a used caravan, but when purchasing second hand there are definitely some things that you need to watch out for.

First and foremost should of course be…how does it look? If it looks tatty and neglected then the chances are it’s not just the paintwork that’s suffering. You want to find something that looks ok, a bit of paint peeling of here and there is ok, that can easily be fixed. In fact you might want to repaint your caravan anyway to your personal taste.

You can look online at advertising sites and also in local newspapers and magazines for caravans for sale and once you have found some that interest you, the next thing is to arrange a viewing appointment. The interior should be in a relatively ok condition and not too tatty, so make sure you make this one of your first priorities to check out. A common problem is seats that are worn thin from years of use, these can however be replaced easily and without great cost so don’t be too put off by this.

All of the electrical systems in the caravan should be in good working order and you must check this out. Hiring an electrician to sort out any problems there may be can be expensive and time consuming. Check all the other appliances as well like water and drainage. Also check the condition of any fitted cupboards and beds.

Once that’s done move outside for a closer inspection of the caravans exterior. Check the general condition of the body and paint work, with particular attention to any rust patches or damage. Small amounts of rust can be patched up so bear that in mind. Take a look at any joins in the construction, they should be securely fixed but also sealed to block moisture getting inside the caravan which could potentially cause damp problems.

You should next inspect the underside of the caravan and also get some light on the situation, so take a torch or light of some kind, you want to be very through with this. Make sure you take a good look at the wheels also, if needed the tyres can easily and cheaply be replaced. The most important thing is that the metal frame underneath is structurally sound otherwise you could be looking at some expensive repairs.

Before you make a final decision make sure to look at the towing equipment as this needs to be in sound working order.

With some due diligence you will find many used caravans for sale that can serve your needs, so make sure you spend some time finding the right one for you and it will provide you with years of fantastic pleasure and experiences!

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