Is A Lemon Eating Up Your Time And Money? Lemon Laws in Louisiana Can Help!

If you have been duped into buying a lemon there are specific measures that you can take to resolve the situation such as:

Maintain detailed records of all communication with the dealer or manufacturer

Maintain a record of all receipts and paperwork related to the purchase and the repair of the vehicle

Take your vehicle to the dealership or to manufacturer authorized service centers if there is a problem. It is imperative to ensure that you follow the manufacturer operating

specifications. Some states require that you take your car to the dealership or authorized repair shop a certain number of times before it can quaify as a lemon. Keep all records of such visits so that you can prove that you indeed have a lemon on your hands.

Get in touch with an attorney who is adept at handling matters relating to lemon laws in Louisiana at the earliest
Consult with an attorney before you take he vehicle to an outside auto repair shop because the manufacturer may claim that these visits have caused the problem or may have hampered the manufacturers attempt to rectify the issue

Once you hire the services of a lemon law attorney, do not discuss the matter wit anybody outside the la office. Certain things that you say can be used against you.

What is covered by the lemon laws?
Actually, all consumer durables and vehicles are covered by lemon laws, so you can approach the arbitrator with a claim against your computer manufacturer or your car dealership. The lemon laws in Louisiana cover different types of vehicle and even watercrafts; the vehicleds covered include: cars, trucks below 10,000 lbs, all terrain vehicles, RV or mobile home chassis and drive train.

What is not covered?

RV, mobile homes, motorcycle are not covered by the lemon laws in Louisiana. As you can see RV figures in both the covered as well as the uncovered category. Only a part of the RV that is the chassis and the drive train are covered by the lemon laws so if you were to have a problem with the living area of the mobile home, you will not be able to gain protection under the lemon laws of the state.

Do I really need a lawyer?

A simple one word answer to that question is a resounding “yes”. If you own a car, truck or computer that is giving you trouble, you should consult with a lemon law attorney at the earliest. He/She will not only be able to offer valuable advice on how to broach the matter but also an attorney will ensure that the manufacturer does not try and discredit your claim by saying that you tried to get the vehicle repaired at an unauthorized service station or that certain defects are not covered under the warranty. Even if the manufacturer offers you a settlement replacement you should still talk to an attorney because they have the experience and the acumen to get you a higher settlement. An attorney will ensure tat you wither get a replacement or refund and your interest are protected under the federal and state lemon laws.

You have nothing to lose when contacting a lemon law attorney
If the ruling is on your favor, the manufacturer is obligated to not only refund the purchase price and related expenses but also incur the attorney’s fees. Most lemon law attorneys will not only offer free consultations but will also handle your case without expecting remuneration out of your pocket. They ensure that the cases they take on have credibility so that they stand a higher chance of winning; once the ruling is in the consumer’s favor the attorney can receive his fees from the manufacturer.

The benefits of hiring a lemon law attorney:
* The manufacturer will know that you mean business.
* Many manufacturers have to be coerced into following the lemon laws by the threat of a law suit.
* A lawyer can get you a higher settlement even if your car is just defective and not a lemon

Seomul evans is a Internet Marketing consultant for Louisiana lemon law attorneys