Is Your Motorcycle Ready To Spend The Winter Indoors?

Once the frosty weather starts creeping in, it is about time to start thinking about storing your motorcycle for the winter. Yes, you definitely need to store your motorcycle in the garage but there’s a whole lot more to this process. If you would like to extend the life and the beauty of your motorcycle, housing it properly for the winter will help. This article will supply you with the facts you need to store your motorcycle during the long winter.

There are actually a handful of items you may wish to purchase in order to store your motorcycle properly. Your motorcycle will substantially benefit from a cover that is developed to fit it correctly. When looking for the cover be sure to get a “breathable” cover. This will make it possible for your motorcycle to be completely dry and thus avoid any rust or mildew formation.

Another thing you will want to obtain is a trickle charger for your battery. Before you store your motorcycle during the winter, you should remove its battery and put it in another location. Buying a work bench for your battery’s storage makes it easy to charge the battery every three weeks for a 12 hour period by using a trickle charger. For no reason should you store the battery on a cement surface for instance a garage floor. If you do this, you’re most likely looking at being required to purchase a new battery because of the serious damage that can result.

A good pair of motorcycle stands really are another necessary item. These permit your motorcycle’s tires to be off the ground. Whenever the wheels are left to rest on the floor, they stay in the same position for many months. This will likely decrease the life expectancy of the tires. You should not underestimate the importance of keeping your tires off the ground.

So now we will look at the most crucial component. You’ll undoubtedly need to select a fuel stabilizer which you can add to the fuel for optimal storage during long periods of nonuse. There is a certain way to do this properly. Although you can basically dump the component into your tank, if you follow the suggestions here it will be more effective. First you need to either drain or run your bike until your fuel tank is nearly empty. Next, you’re ready to mix the fuel stabilizer. Now head out for a brief two mile ride on the motorbike. This helps to ensure that the stabilizer is in every component of your fuel system.

Next spring when you can’t wait to take a ride, it’s just a matter of having to hook up your battery, pour in some fresh gas to your fuel tank, and you’ll be all set. One additional thing that most people do is to make certain they clean their motorcycles carefully and oil or grease all moving parts before storing it. The light covering of oil or grease certainly prevents everything from deteriorating after a long period of non use.

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