Keep your Audi driving like new with Professional Audi Service

The importance of getting your Audi service from professional service staff can't be exaggerated. Current day automobiles are not straightforward machines. They're a complicated mix of mechanical and electronic modules and optimum performance of each one of these modules is crucial in keeping the car working in top condition. Your Audi isn't an exception. That is the reason why you ought to have it occasionally serviced by a high quality service outlet like Stokes and Renk.

Why should you get pro service for your Audi?

The Audi is a very carefully designed and fine tuned machine. It is essential to get it intermittently checked and serviced by competent specialists to be certain that it continues to give the amazing performance you're used to. The experts will check and make sure that key maintenance items are checked and worn out items replaced as and when they're due.

The common areas which are checked in a routine Audi service health check are the engine liquids like engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolants. The disposition of items which are prone to wear like the tyres, brakes, and transmission are checked. This inspection helps you understand which items have to be replaced or serviced and gives an idea of the condition of the automobile in general.Key areas where upkeep is terribly important:


Being the only points of contact with the road, tyres are one of the most critical parts of your car. Almost all of the performance parameters when your auto's in motion are influenced by the state of your tyres. It has effects on the steering, acceleration, stopping distance, fuel economy, emissions, and ride quality of your auto.

There's a legal minimum requirement for the depth of tyre treads. But a premium automobile like the Audi does not limit itself to that minimum and so it'll take much longer to stop when you compare a new tyre with an old one although it may meet the legal obligation. A professional specialist will check the appearance and condition of the tyres and if they should be replaced, you may be sure of a top quality replacement as good as the tyres your new auto came with.

Cam belt:

The cam belt is a part which is continuously used when the engine is running and therefore its condition is very important to avoid engine damage. A cam belt usually must be replaced just one time in 5 years, but the wear rate can rely on mileage and environmental conditions. Cam belt replacement is a complex operation and may be done only by trained Audi service specialists.

Brake fluid:

The brakes of your Audi are engineered to bring it to a safe stop in all kinds of road and weather conditions. One of the elements of the brake system is the brake fluid. This is a hygroscopic liquid which has the bias to soak up moisture. This moisture assimilation changes its properties and decreases the braking efficiency. The brake liquid must be replaced once in each two years. Not replacing it at regular intervals will result in wasteful braking and could even lead to brake failure.

Transmission fluid:

Irrespective of the sort of transmission that is used in your vehicle, the transmission fluid condition is crucial to the performance of your transmission. It acts both as a lubricator and a coolant to your Audi. Its performance goes down as a consequence of changes in its viscosity brought about by wear and tear during usage. If the fluid is not replaced this deterioration in performance may affect the other components of your automobile like the engine and could lead to rather more inadequate performance and substantial repairs. Your Audi service technicians will make sure that the liquid is modified when it is due to keep the transmission performing optimally.

Air conditioning:

So far we have witnessed the elements that can affect your car’s health, now here is something that will have an impact on your health and comfort more than anything. The air conditioning keeps the inside environment of your auto comfortable and inhibits the windows from fogging. It cools, purifies and dehumidifies the air making the journey a pleasing experience for the occupants.

It is best to get the air-conditioning system checked during each service. A pro service centre has the hardware to check its potency and take obligatory action to guarantee it continues to keep the inside of your auto healthy. Its performance is affected by dust, filter decay, and microbes. Ineffectual cooling, bad odour and allergies are the result when it isn't serviced periodically. Trust your Audi service expert to check and deal with the aircon system.

To sum up, it's best to leave your Audi service to qualified pro service staff. This will ensure your Audi continues to give you the great performance that you merit from owning such a superb automobile.

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