Many Choices In 4WD Accessories

Off road accessories: Off-Road and camping hardware

Standard off road off-road wheel drives will often come provided with many out of doors and camping features. With the exception of some explorers, this still isn’t really enough. 4WD accessories suitable for the off road driver include:

Air lockers: This convenient piece of kit makes sure maximum traction and looks after that pesky spinning wheel that is probably going to get you stuck. Perfect for snow, mud, sand and rocky terrain.

Mist lights: Driving around in no mans land means you’ll need the best lighting possible. Having a reasonable set of fog lights is a good idea.

Snorkel: Many 4×4 cars are outfitted with this helpful feature. It helps your auto get the most unpolluted air that it can whilst travelling through dusty areas or crossing bodies of water.

Camping gear: For true off road drivers, proper camping gear is an absolute must. Many canopies and tents can be attached from your 4WD, providing a brief home while on the trail.

Other off road accessories: Some more accessories to give some thought to include roof racks, fridges, bull bars, tire carriers and suspension systems.

Additional protection and safety features for your 4×4

If you’re taking part in off road driving, extreme care must be taken. This is a mixture of experience, common-sense and having the right safety kit in case of emergency. Even driving in the town can call for extra protection. Some additional safety features to think about include:

– Rear view safety camera: 4WD vehicles are notorious for view obstruction when reversing. A rear view camera guarantees you can see everything from objects to little children when backing out of your drive.
– Tyre fix kit: The last thing you want is a wounded tire when stuck in the middle of the boonies. A tire repair kit can come in extremely convenient in emergency scenarios.
– Recovery kits: These include useful features like tow straps, d-rings, hi-lift jacks and medical kits.
– Slide plates: When driving over coarse terrain, skid plates will supply that extra grip security.
– Other safety accessories: There are loads of other security features on the market like compasses, lights, safety nets, communication radios, torches and fire extinguishers.

Performance and luxury 4×4 accessories

We do not necessarily require some accessories, but if they’re fun, luxurious and exciting, we just want them! Some cool features you may be inquisitive about include:

– Turbo kits: A little bit of additional turbo power is a popular add-on for many 4×4 owners. Adding a turbo to your engine and fitting a bigger exhaust pipe will give your engine more air and raise your 4WD’s hp.
– Lightweight mini barbecue: This is a popular gift idea for the off road explorer. Suitable to store and provides a simpler and safer alternative choice to the traditional camp fire.
– Interior accessories: Jazz up the interior of your auto with some seat covers, a wheel cover and some floor mats.
– 4×4 steps: Done with climbing into your 4WD? There are steps and rails that you can purchase to make it less complicated for yourself and passengers.

All these 4WD accessories and more will be available at your local 4WD dealer.

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