Motorcycle Loading Ramps – What To Look For In A Ramp

To transport your motorcycle safely in the back of your truck so you can go to a race, for a trail ride, or to show your bike, motorcycle loading ramps are a definite must-have. No doubt you’ve spend more than a bit of time and money trying to get your bike in top condition. If you look at it like that, now is not the time to cheap out.

You just have to use the right loading ramp. And to figure out which one is the right one, you’ll need to look at the height from ground to truck bed, as well as the size and overall weight of the bike. The heavier the motorcycle is then the more challenging it will be to load and unload without a problem. Minimize this risk of damage occurring just by using the right ramp.

Motorcycle loading ramps are frequently made out of metal. The metal of choice is often aluminum. In order to get the best traction, ramps are often designed with a textured surface. Alternatively some ramps come with holes which are drilled out at equal intervals.

A really nice feature to go for, especially if you usually ride your bike on and off the back of the truck, is a safety strap. The strap is designed so it attaches to the back of your vehicle to prevent the ramp from slipping during loading.

Many better ramps have rubber padding on the end that sits against the truck. This padding is useful in preventing scratching and slippage.

When you’re looking for a ramp, you’ll find that there are basically two main types of motorcycle loading ramps.

First of all is the non folding kind of ramp. This kind of ramp is most often made as one single, long, straight span. The material of choice is aluminum. That’s because an aluminum loading ramp can handle loads of 500 pounds or greater. Aluminum is the ideal material to use for a ramp as it’s both strong and yet is lightweight enough to be maneuvered easily when you’re by yourself. Spans on these ramps are frequently perforated. That’s so you have better traction when loading a motorcycle.

The second kind is the folding ramp. A folding ramp is made so it can be folded into two, three or even more individual sections. This makes it easy to set it up and to store it. Folding motorcycle ramps may have even a greater weight capacity than non folding ramps do. That makes them the right choice for heavier larger motorcycles or even ATVs where some extra width can come in handy.

For folding ramps, aluminum is the preferred material because it is much lighter than other metals, and so easier to handle. Aluminum also is resistant to rusting.

Another option is a ramp extender. With an extender on the ramp you get an inclined ramp and a bed extender. This can be pretty useful in a situation where your bike extends beyond the available truck bed.

Motorcycle loading ramps come in a wide variety of designs and styles. They have a lot of useful features which will ensure the safe and easy loading of your valuable motorcycle.

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