Our Custom Built Maritime Mattress Experience

We believed there was a fairly great inner-spring mattress whenever we moved on-board our yacht. Then we bought a completely new mattress, and the improvement is remarkable. We elected to go with latex foam, as we had been enlightened that the memory foam beds usually are ‘hot’ in the tropics. We had no first hand knowledge… only opinions made to us. We had also tested out a latex foam mattress at a boat exhibit, and found it to be very cozy.

‘Handcraft Mattress’ is very much a serious competitor in the custom made yacht mattress market. Not to understate ‘Handcraft’, in that many people have explained that their merchandise was the greatest product they’ve seen. We have been quite happy with the one manufactured by Handcraft Mattress…. we had a cushion top added together with a ‘damp-proof’ lower cover to prevent condensation wetness out of the foam. (one more point concerning latex foam is that it is mildew/mold resistant… uncertain about memory foam).

We added a 2″ high piece of memory foam on top of the works… for a bit of additional comfort and to cover the seam connecting the two sections of the mattress. We were searching for other methods to keep our sleeping arrangement cool so we visited the local “Linens & Things” and discovered a memory foam with ventilation… our expectations are that it remains cool.

Handcraft Mattress makes innerspring yacht mattresses too, but they told me that they powder-coat the inner-springs, just like painting a street bike or something constructed from steel. The powder-coat keeps the innerspring from rusting. So these are definitely ideal mattresses for a yacht environment that can be humid. Handcraft also custom makes your mattress to fit in what ever berth shape you might have. Many power boats have v-berths in the front or stern, which is a great place for a bed because the space in not very functional otherwise. Mattresses made for those state rooms can also be made with a hinge in them so they fold. One of the nice attributes of the folding mattress is quite a bit of the doors to go below are small and if a mattress can fold it can be less difficult to get through the opening. Handcraft incorporates the hinge into the mattress so you don’t feel it while you’re sleeping on it, so they are extremely comfy. If you wish, someone will go to your boat to put together the dimensions to guarantee your new mattress will be the right fit.

Again, we have not slept on a Temerpedic mattress… they might be the best around… but I discovered that latex foam having a memory foam pad, made to order by Handcraft, to be very comfortable. And it definitely seems to be appropriate for a boat environment. Handcraft Mattress is certainly the top custom built maritime mattress maker, whether they make a latex foam or innerspring for you. Additionally, you can have it custom built to fit and it can made v-shaped with or without a fold.

Handcraft Mattress Company makes custom yacht mattresses and rustproof innerspring RV mattresses. They also make custom mattresses for v-berths.