RVing Full Time | 4 Essentials When Reserving An RV Camping Area Part 1

So you’ve decided to go rving full time and you have already chosen your RV plans.

The next step is to now start booking your RV campsites.

So get a pen and paper or save this article for later use because we are going to give you 4 things you have to know when choosing your RV campgrounds when full time RVing.

1. Find out Your RV Specs

It seems kind of obvious, but you will need to know the size of your RV. In our case it’s a 37 foot Chapparal Fifth Wheel. This means lots of RV camping grounds are way too small for us; a very important thing to be aware of just before calling around or searching on the web. Ensuring that the RV camping site will fit your RV is always a good thing.

Be sure you get the specs of your RV you haven’t already purchased, borrowed, or rented your travel rig, get it done prior to making reservations. When reserving your RV campsite you might need to find out: type, length, number of pullouts, and the type of hookups that your RV requires.

2. Know What Amenities You’ll Need

An important aspect to consider is whether you’ll need an RV park with particular amenities. We already told you about the need for WI-FI when RVing full time or simply plain RVing. Since we work from the road, this is totally necessary for all of us.

We do use and strongly suggest getting either a laptop wireless stick such as the AT&T GSM USB aircard or perhaps the Verizon USB AirCard. In addition to that, having the WI-FI at the RV camping site is a big plus also.

We have actually began to make use of the Samsung 4G Mobile Hotspot through Verizon and it works really well.

As far as other amenitities go, if you would like cable tv and do not have a DISH or DirecTV, then cable hook up is definitely something to ask for.

Though in most new RVs, the antennae gets amazingly great local TV signals. Its all hi-def now so its high quality.

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