Seven Tested Ways to Save Money While RVing Full-time

I’m in charge of expenses for the full time RV trip throughout the USA and I have noticed several things about how much money we’re spending.

From time to time we are doing good with saving money with this RV vacation and from time to time we are wasting way too much money.

I do think 7 good ways for all of us to save cash are as follows:

1. Prepare dinner more at home (in the RV) and not get your meals at fancy dining places

Restaurants are very pricey and this can also add up whenever you’re RVing full time.

2. Buy snack foods at the grocery store rather than at truck stops

This may help you save nearly 50%!

3. Pack lunch and bring water bottles!

Drinking water could cost $3.50 for just a small bottle! Yikes that’s ridiculous.

If you pick big containers of water at the food store and fill your own water bottles that’s much better.

4. Arrive at the museums early

Achieve this so you maximize your entrance fee and maximize your time there (this particular one is Mom’s idea). We have to make the most of the trip to the attraction that’s why get up early and make the best use of your money. The visit to Henry Ford Museum cost us over $145!

5. Buy gasoline at low prices

We found diesel for only $3.93 for every gallon (cheapest price ever)

6. Use the cruise control , it can help save gas!

Dad tells us that when you remain at a a constant speed it will save gas. Our own RVing truck only takes diesel and this costs almost $4 per gallon.

7. Lessen buying souvenirs

At Niagara Falls we did not purchase any kind of souvenirs but we ended up getting key chain holders and cases and completely free Maid of the Mist raincoats.

Other ways to save money while RVing full time is if you are visiting National Parks on your own trip, make sure to get an annual pass. You can save hundreds of dollars in entry fees throughout the course of the year.

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