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Informal Resolution or Going the Ways of Courts: Which is Better Way to Resolve a Lemon?

‘Lemons’ otherwise known as underperforming vehicles due to repeated repairs are considered as serious issues. Just imagine wasting your resources on an almost-worthless car since you rarely use it and due to its numerous visits to the repair shop. This is a common complaint in many parts of the country, and the good thing is that there is a law that covers this problem. The law is affectionately called the ‘Lemon Law’, and all states in the United States have its own version of this law. The general intent of the law is similar- to provide assistance and remedy to consumers in order to compensate for vehicles that have repeatedly failed to meet the standards and expected quality of performance. So for many duped consumers, the most common way of settling the issue of ‘lemons’ is to file a case since they are protected by the law. Though this is good still the question lingers: is this the only way to settle this kind of dispute?