Take Your Home On The Road With A Campervan Rental

Travel should be a better experience than simply struggling from airport to hotel. To avoid this holiday headache, many people today opt to see the sights in a more comfortable manner free from reservations desks and cancelled flights. A campervan rental avoids those issues along with restrictive itineraries, and is not beholden to group schedules. It offers the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Sometimes designated caravanettes or campers, these modified vans are lighter and smaller than traditional motorhomes. A full-sized motorhome is equipped with all the amenities, and is nearly self-contained. Campervans stress convenience, economy, and accommodations at less cost. Because of their size, these units normally are not furnished with a permanent toilet or shower, and lack a division between the cab and interior.

All, however, have small stoves and refrigerators in a kitchen area. Some feature a tent that folds outward from the side of the vehicle, and many sport top openings for added ease of access. Narrow roads are easier to negotiate in a smaller van, and unlike motorhomes, parking them for the night does not require a fixed location with utility connections, unless one is convenient.

Campervans typically have seating and sleeping room for two to five, and most have automatic transmissions. The interior converts into a cozy bedroom, and an additional couple can sleep under an awning. Most carry extra drinking water and a portable toilet, and many feature a separate leisure or backup battery for those times when power is needed, but there is no convenient connection.

There are many locations in the UK that cater to this kind of travel, and they often include laundry and shower facilities, in addition to power connections. While convenient, travelers are not limited to those locations, and can go almost wherever they please. Whether visiting the remote moors or a small seaside village, exploring in this manner provides a richer, more satisfying holiday experience.

Renting a van for the holidays has definite advantages when compared to ownership. Their widespread availability throughout Europe and North America is not only convenient, but can also save money. Ownership of a van or motor home incurs the same costs as any other vehicle, including insurance and depreciation. Renting for a limited time means that there are no storage costs, road taxes, and no routine repairs and maintenance.

When combined, ownership costs nearly always exceed the amount spent on holiday rental. Insurance is included in the rental, and there is little worry about the consequences of a collision. Eating every meal at restaurants can be avoided with an on-board kitchen, and driving a smaller van saves on fuel expenditures. Some adventurous travellers have actually spent months living this way.

This flexibility and affordability allows travellers not only to escape the crowded holiday rush, but to see the countryside without being branded as a tourist. It gives people the time to explore life off the beaten path, and is easy on the budget. Whether you are a student or a senior citizen, a campervan rental can be the ticket to your best holiday travel experience ever.

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