The Background Of Three Extraordinary European Car Companies

People in the United States tend not to think about what other countries can turn out or have accomplished. Only if they are luxury brands, many of us do not think about where the cars we buy come from. Europe makes some superb cars and some of the best are not by organizations people would think of. Companies like Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce, and Jaguar are just a handful of brands people think of when we think European. However, these brands do not make cars for the masses. But there is certainly three companies that produce great reasonably priced cars. This short article will take a glimpse at Volvo, Volkswagen, and also Audi.

There exists a country that is able to sustain two automakers but only has a population of only nine million. Sweden is that special country that has both Volvo and Saab. The auto market has been significantly influenced by Volvo, which is now part of the Ford Motor Company. When safety standards were poor pretty much everywhere, it was Volvo and their particular desire for higher standards that changed the industry. Instances of their superior safety standards embrace reinforced roofs, and front end crumple zones. Through the high safety standards of Volvo, they started a long line of the best designed cars on the road, and furthermore, the safest. It was through their leadership that prompted car manufacturers around the world to raise their standards, also.

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of those iconic cars that just about anyone is aware of. The Beetle was the first people’s car, and it was first created in the 1930s in Germany. Immediately after World War II, it had the reputation of being one of the best loved cars and one of the most mass-produced cars ever. It was a car that anyone from any kind of background in life could afford. This included college students, to migrant workers, to Irish farmlands, having a car turned out to be affordable. The Beetle remained fashionable in the United States until Volkswagen stopped importing them in the 1970’s however they continued to be produced in Mexico until the the first half of the 2000’s.

When Audi first announced the all wheel drive Quattro, it was the pioneer of its type. Audi threw down the gauntlet, and let the automobile world understand that Quattro was now the standard to judge all luxury sedans from then on. Their Quattro technologies put them forward of the competitors for years. Their traction and road handling was so far advanced compared to the competition, that the cars were not allowed in certain racing competitions.

That’s your fundamental history of three exceptional European auto producers. But if you start looking at their body of work, maybe the correct word is extraordinary.

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