The Best Reason to RV Full Time

As we first began to RV full time it was a little challenging.

It was actually hard to become accustomed to the little living quarters, the restroom smaller compared to a telephone booth, particularly long drives on uninteresting interstates, determining how the cable connection works at every camping site, oh-so much fun black water drainings, incredibly chatty “RV” neighbours, missing friends and family back at home.

Yet despite all of thatafter the first week or so, we began to discover how suitably RVing fit our standards of living, just how comfortable it is and how the small place really improves your life as well as how liberating the journey really is.

However so far, the best thing of being inside an RV full time is definitely the complete and utter freedom from “the scheduled life”.

If you have kids, you know exactly what I am speaking about.

It’s the consistant running to baseball practice, lacrosse practice, swimming lessons, chess club, drum lessons, various family activities, endless birthday parties, play dates and every other activity that takes up majority of of a suburban family’s routine schedule.

It is stressful(I did not even do majority of it in the family)!

Although all those things are great and can be fun for you to do, when you are RVing, you’re 100 % free from that lifestyle and you are able to live life “unscheduled”.

When you’re RVing full time, you travel the places you like to visit and at whatever pace in which is a convenience to you. Not really that we do not go on a schedule, since we do.

In fact, you have to have RV park reservations along with 2 kids in the heart of the summertime. Mainly because RV parks fill up fairly quickly and you need to reserve earlier or you’ll be shut out.

Yes, you’ll find lots of RV bloggers that discusses how living in an RV you are your own boss, there is no dependence on hotels, airport terminals, restaurant reservations and becoming “at one” with the wilderness.

Do not be deceived by all of that. Greatest reason of all is freedom away from the scheduled life.

Freedom and “location independence” is exactly what driven each of us to create lives that can support a full time RV lifestyle for a yearor longer. When I browsed The 4-Hour Workweek three years ago, it was all over for me. I believed I had to make it happen. And author Tim Ferris does not have kids so he did not actually explained this kind of independence and freedom.

But for me there’s no other kind of freedom that tops it. I guess at some point in our odyssey I will miss all that scheduling, all the parties, all the activities but for now I am not. It is a fabulous break and also for me its the top objective to have RVing full time.

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