The Best Reason to RV Full Time

When we first started to RV full time it was a little bit difficult.

It was hard to become accustomed to the very small living space, the lavatory smaller than a telephone booth, prolonged drives on monotonous interstates, determining how the cable tv functions at each camping area, too much fun black water drainings, incredibly talkative Motorhome neighbors, missing friends and family back at home….

However irrespective of everything after the initial seven to ten days, we started to comprehend exactly how nicely RVing fit our life-style, how comfy it actually is and how the little living space actually improves your life and just how liberating the voyage in fact is.

But undoubtedly, the best part of being in an Rv full time is the complete and utter freedom from “the scheduled life”.

In the event that you may have children, you know what I’m speaking about.

Its the continual running to football practice, lacrosse practice, swimming lessons, guitar lessons, numerous family events, countless birthday celebrations, play dates and each and every other sorts of activity which takes up the greater part of a suburban family’s daily schedule.

It’s exhausting!

While all those things are excellent and are usually pleasurable to do, while you’re RVing, you’re going to be entirely free from that life style and you are free to spend your time “unscheduled”.

When you are RVing fulltime, you go where you actually want to go and at what ever pace that pleases you. Not that you mustn’t have a plan, because you need to.

The fact is, you need to have Recreational vehicle park reservations in the middle of the summer. Simply because Mobile home parks occupy fast and you’ve got to reserve before hand or you’ll end up shut out.

You will discover lots of Rv bloggers that mention precisely how living in an rv you’re your very own boss, there’s no reliance upon motels, airports, dining reservations and being one with the great outdoors.

Do not be deceived by any of that. The very best reason of all is liberation from the scheduled life.

Freedom and “location independence” is exactly what drove me to build a lifestyle designed to enable a full time RV life style for a year…or longer. Once I read The 4-Hour Workweek three years ago, it was all over for me. I knew I had to do it. And author Tim Ferris doesn’t have children so he never even discussed this sort of liberation and freedom.

However for me personally there isn’t any other freedom which beats it. Perhaps at some point in our journey I’ll miss all that scheduling, all of the events, the activities but for now I am not. It is a incredible break and for me its the very best reason to consider RVing full time.

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