The Caravan Encounter Revealled

Many people have chosen to live in a static caravan home and for good reason, they really can offer a fantastic lifestyle, you can often choose a great location and you will get a LOT more for your money.

Don’t think that you will miss out in a caravan, they will for the most part have all the accommodation you are used to (and maybe more). There are also different sizes available, an average size would be considered to be forty by 12 feet. The size of the caravan is really dependent on how many people it can comfortably sleep, some can sleep up to 8 people and often have separate rooms that will each sleep two.

Caravans are moved via special lorries once they have been put together in the factory. People use them for all sorts of different uses, some use them as permanent homes, others will use them as holiday homes and they can even be used as offices or temporary homes for site workers, the possibilities are endless.

When you come to look for used caravans for sale there are various factors to consider, for a large majority of people the deciding factor will be price, and this will vary greatly subject to the caravans age, condition and location. Not everybody will have all the capital needed to make an outright purchase and normal mortgage lenders will not offer finance on such homes usually, but there are special companies that specialise on loans for static caravans. You will always find that purchasing a static caravan is going to be a lot cheaper than buying a bricks and mortar property, but just like any property its worth getting a survey done to ensure its structurally sound.

Static caravans for sale range from modest-looking mobile households to complete expensive residences, you will discover something for everybody’s finances and taste. If you want something cheaper then you can get something that will easily house 2 people, it will most likely have two bedrooms, plus all the other usual facilities and a lounge/diner. You can get a lot more for not much more money, some of the higher end static caravans are very luxurious and you will even get things such as fireplaces, Jacuzzis, conservatries, fancy lighting, central heating and so on.

Static caravans, used to carry a stigma with them that they were only occupied by gypsies or those living in poverty, this is no longer the case. Even if you only want a holiday retreat for a few weeks of the year a static caravan is a worthy investment, you could rent it out whilst you are not living there.

Holidays in a static caravan can offer a unique experience not found with your typical holiday packages. Not only do they look attractive but are normally set up in some great locations where natural beauty abounds. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that you need to do without the normal modern conveniences that you are used to, you will have everything that you would normally have in an apartment

Caravans like the ones found at give your whole family a great place to live, whether as a holiday home or permanently! It’s not surprising that so many people are looking for static caravans for sale, by not experiencing life in one, you are definitely missing out.