The Negative Side of Living your Life Inside an RV Full Time

It is not usually great RVing full time.

A lot of RV websites talk about exactly how wonderful it really is to have “quality time” together with family, reconnect with your kids and be at one with the outdoors.

All this would make staying in an RV full time seem like its very easy, its so much funand socompletely unrealistic.

Let’s not kid our own selves, 4 people living in a lot less than three hundred sq. ft. of living space are going to tick each other off.

You just can’t help that.

And so don’t believe the polyanna blog writers.

Its not like that, I can assure you.

Here’s the reality:

Sometimes the kids steal Mom’s iphone, video one another – all while Mom is with a business call and Dad is just too busy e-mailing on his own iphone and absolutely not paying attention whenever he should be

At times you spend a lot of time texting, IMing, checking out stats and emailing in your iPhone and totally ignoring everybody within your family(I’d In no way make this happen!)

Sometimes whenever emptying the “black water” (that’s the really gross one) at 7:30 am that old crappy sewer hose pipe leaks, blows up and 3 gallons of fresh, warm black water shoots on your shorts

Or how about when almost everyone within the RV totally gets on your nerves solely for that fact that they are simply breathing exactly the same air that you are

Or how about whenever the kids wake up at 6 a.m. and run across the RV, making you think you are truly in that dream you are having about the San Francisco quake of 1908

Or even when the noodles at the gas range will take a couple of hours to prepare when you are so starving you could already try to eat your own arm

Or when you’ve got absolutely no enough time to yourself and really miss the days having a wonderful, non-moving, private residence where you can effortlessly slip away and actually get some tasks completedmy oh my, did I just say that?

But in addition toall that things, RVing full time is fantastic. If you can cope with all the minor setbacks.

In any case, as soon as you’re back in “the real world” you have all kinds of issues you have to cope with too, correct?

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