The Negative Things When You’re Full Time RVing

When you are RVing full time cross country, you might want to give thought to a few negative things, however, some of these issues are fixed by cash. I will tell you here exactly what those negative things are with regards to residing in an RV full time.

1. Hitting Stuff in your own Full Time RV

Sometimes, if you are not careful, you possibly can smash up the RV. With our case, we crashed into a gas tank.

That happened to us in Billings, Montana. My Dad was moving forward and then the rear of it destroyed the gas tank. We had to pay the man who actually owned the store and gas station. That’s no fun.

2. RVing Full Time Could Be Costly

Lots of times, if you aren’t cautious, money might be a problem, specially when paying out for gasoline. Some times gasoline costs more than $150 to fill up the vehicle’s gas tank and you use gas quite a lot!

Our vehicle makes use of diesel and that is much more pricey.

Camping grounds can cost quite a lot also. Some of these cost $50 each day. So if you are full time RVing, conserve your money!

3. Objects Breaks in an RV

If something breaks in your RV it really is a problem. At one time our awning broke in a wind storm in Wisconsin, so we have another person to repair it but it cost money. It cost over five hundred dollars to fix it.

The insurance plan covered most of it but we’d to pay for some money in any case, which truly stunk!

So my Parents suggest if you go RVing full time, make sure you get insurance plan for your own RV.

So RVing is lots of fun for sure, and I really like it very much, so much I may really enjoy it a lot more than being at home at times. But if you’re thinking about going cross-country in an RV, its necessary for you to definitely know that there are bad stuff that take place too.

You need to try to make the best of these problems and simply deal with them as best as you can.

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