Travel Tips – Take A Cheap Ferry To France From Dover

Travel to Europe accounts for eighty percent of visits abroad by Britons and no wonder. There are many travel options for getting to Europe from the UK and getting there has never been easier; faster or cheaper. One option is to take a cheap Ferry to France from Dover. Crossing the Channel by passenger boat is cheap; fast and convenient and yet still has the old-fashioned romance of travel attached to it.

The Port of Dover is served by three main lines which sail either to Calais or to Dunkirk. These companies offer state of the art boats; frequent departures; low prices and an average crossing time of 75 minutes all of which makes ferry travel a very attractive option.

Modern super-ferries offer spacious lounge facilities; bars and restaurants; well-stocked shops and space for children to run around in. The luxurious amenities on board mean that travel by passenger boat is more than just a way to get to your destination. Your holiday begins once you board while business passengers or commuters can arrive at their destination relaxed and refreshed.

There are a wide variety of options to consider when selecting your company and route. Some companies aim to provide drivers with a seamless connection between England and France and offer ships exclusively for self-drive traffic. These boats are also for passengers traveling with a car and trailer; by motorbike or even by bicycle! Foot passengers and bus tours are catered for on other ships Some companies offer non-smoking vessels and dedicated passenger and freight decks.

Ferries can be booked online and there are many websites dedicated to finding the most competitive fares available. To find the cheapest fares, it is recommended that you are flexible about your departure dates and times and also that you book as far in advance as possible.

Online booking websites regularly have discounts and offers on tickets such as cheap day trip tickets. Many very reasonably priced package deals that include your ferry and hotel booking as well as car rental are also available on these sites. Many provide help with planning each leg of your journey. Their travel guides have tips on sightseeing and leisure destinations as well as assistance on selecting routes and accommodation.

Travel by passenger boat has something for everyone, be it speed and convenience for the business traveler or commuter or ample space to run around in for those traveling with children. A ferry from Dover is a cheap yet thoroughly enjoyable way to get to France.

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