Types Of Motor Homes

Motor homes are categorized into several different types. The Type A, if you remember, is the recreational vehicle most of us are familiar with. Then we told you a few tidbits about Type B motor homes, which are camper vans or travel trailers.

Type C motor homes are often called mini-motor homes. These often have the same amenities of larger motor homes, and can be ordered with quite luxurious amenities, but these mini-motor homes are much easier to handle on the road than the larger recreational vehicle. Type C mini-motor homes range in price between $5,000 and $20,000 used and up to $65,000 used.

The Fifth Wheel motor home is an interesting classification we’re going to cover next. Simple – this is a trailer shaped like the letter L that is usually pulled by bigger pick-up trucks. You can even add on anything you want if you have a large enough budget. While you do the exploring on your vehicle, you can have the Fifth Wheel motor home parked at the camp ground – this is quite similar to the purpose of the travel trailer.

A lot of families like the truck camper for several good reasons. They are more affordable than most others because you can get one from $8,000 to $22,000 brand new. These work well for those that are single, or parents and kids. This is a basic type of motor home good for anyone who’s on a budget.

If you love camping, the pop ups would be good for you and your family. Think about them as mobile tents of sorts – if you’re new to the RV game, you can certainly go for these. These pop-ups can sleep from two to eight people. They come complete with a storage section and stove top in a makeshift kitchen. However, you may not get the protection from weather and other elements you would normally get, because there is less room and mere canvas serving as protection.

Talk to family and friends who have RV’s. If you’re still stumped as to what motor home or RV you should choose, then it would be a good idea to attend a nearby RV show.

Decide what type of vacationing you will be doing. Would it be a trip to one specific place or a trip to several different places spread over several days and nights? What season of the year do you wish to go on vacation? Certainly a pop up wouldn’t be your warmest choice for a winter vacation. What is your gas budget? Can you afford to fill the 100 gallon gas tank of a recreational vehicle that gets 5 to 8 miles per gallon? Are your finances rather low right now? A mini motor home would be perfect, in that case.

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