Types Of Motor Homes

Motor homes are categorized into several different types. A few weeks back we told you about the recreational vehicle (RV), or Type A. We then dealt with van campers or travel trailers, or Type B motor homes.

Type C motor homes are often called mini-motor homes. If you compare larger recreational vehicles with these motor homes, you’ll find that they have many of the same features or maybe the same extras, but the Type C generally handles much better than a larger vehicle. They are quite affordable – prices range between $5,000 and $20,000 used, and can go as far as $65,000 if you’re buying a new model.

Next would be the Fifth Wheel motor home – sounds interesting, but what is it? Simple – this is a trailer shaped like the letter L that is usually pulled by bigger pick-up trucks. These are also available for those who can afford them with luxurious amenities and design. As with the travel trailer these 5th wheel motor homes can be parked in a camp ground and you have your vehicle to do exploring with.

A very popular family motor home is a truck camper. You can get them on the cheap even if they’re brand new – think somewhere around $10,000 for $20,000 for most. These work well for those that are single, or parents and kids. You can’t get much simpler than the truck camper in terms of design and construction.

If you love camping, the pop ups would be good for you and your family. These vehicles are perfect to recreational vehicle newcomers, and serve a lot of the same purposes as a tent. These would be ideal for families or groups of two to eight people. They usually have some type of small kitchen, stove top and sink and storage. However, you may not get the protection from weather and other elements you would normally get, because there is less room and mere canvas serving as protection.

Have a quick chat with people you know who are RV owners. If you’re still stumped as to what motor home or RV you should choose, then it would be a good idea to attend a nearby RV show.

Decide what type of vacationing you will be doing. Are you going to be traveling to one destination for several days or spreading out the trip over different locations, one for each day? For your vacation, you have to ask yourself when you wish to go. Certainly a pop up wouldn’t be your warmest choice for a winter vacation. What is your gas budget? Can you afford to fill the 100 gallon gas tank of a recreational vehicle that gets 5 to 8 miles per gallon? Do you have to be more cost conscious? A mini motor home would be perfect, in that case.

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