Ways to Hook Up a motorhome When RVing Full Time, Part 2

What we really needed if RVing full time is a list of guidelines which detailed each of the procedures you want to do as you set up your Rv at the Rv campground.

All of us goes on the web and we weren’t able to see a effective Motorhome setup check-list anyplace. Therefore we made a 13 step checklist to help you to setup your personal Motor home when you travel to a camping site. We’re going to include steps 7-13 within this posting.

7. Connect the Electric

* Take out the electrical cord from your electric hole. In case the electric cord does not reach you need to have 30-Amp RV Extension Cable as a back up. It truly stinks to park your RV and the cable won’t make it to the outlet!

* Next, open the electrical case, guarantee that the breaker switch is in off position then connect the electrical cord.

* Lastly, flip over the breaker switch to the on position.

8. Slide Out the Slideouts

* It is very easy! Simply press the switches in each room per slideout and then slideout should go out.

9. Now let Mom In!

* Open the door for her and permit her to go inside the RV. She’ll be pleased!

10. Hook Up the Water

* Take out the water hose and then screw it into the water input valve of the RV.

* Put the water levers in “on” or “town water” position.

* Then turn on the water from your RV campsite.

11. Hook Up the Sewer

* Affix your RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fittings to the gray water tank output drain. Then attach to the campsite sewer drain.

12. Unveil the Awnings ( when necessary)

* Press the awning switch until the awning is all the way out. Then grab either side of the awning then pull it down roughly 6 inches lower than the opposite side of the awning*.

* Tighten the screws on the awning post until its tight. Then tighten up the awning screws on the reverse side so all sides are secure.

*We all suggest you do this to be sure that if it rains, the rainwater will drain off the awning and so not at all gather on the awning itself. It stops rain water from splitting the awning!

13. Lay Down the RV Patio Mat

* To help keep dirt and insects and stuff place of the RV, put down a huge mat, artificial turf or just what we strongly recommend is the RV Patio Mat like the one we have. It folds up and is good to perform whittling on as well.

* Set it on the ground right on the outside of the RV and lay it out at the front of the RV entrance.

14. Set Up the Antenna

* Go into the RV and crank up the TV antennae so that you can sit back and watch Phineas and Ferb while doing RVing full time!

15. Be Organized

* Arrange and put away any object which fell off shelves and storage while you were RVing.

* Get your entire dirty clothes on your bedroom floor and place them on the hamper (in our full time RV, the hamper is underneath the bathroom sink thru a awesome hidden trap door).If you do this without being requested, Dad and mom are going to be so happy!

Oh yeah, one more thing: if you are full time RVing, don’t be reluctant to ask for assistance when you are in the RV park. RV people are really friendly and love to aid you – so ask them for assistance.

And that’s how you setup your own RV on the camping area when RVing full time cross country!

If you would like to learn more about how to go RVing, click here to learn more about how you can go RVing full time.

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