What To Consider When Buying A Recreational Vehicle

Buying a new recreational vehicle is a lot similar like buying a new car, as you have to factor in several things when making a decision.

For one, it isn’t very advisable to be too excited and agree to a deal right off the bat. And when it comes to dealerships, you shouldn’t just stick to one – you should keep your options open at all times. The last thing you want to do is make an uninformed purchase with no idea of the vehicle’s value.

If buying a recreational vehicle is like going to war, then you’ll need to have an arsenal of information with you when you go out to buy. This is some serious cash you’re going to be spending and you want to get the best possible deal. Recreational Vehicle dealers, by nature, are always looking to make as much profit as they could from each sale. They are looking to earn a sizeable commission, so they would want to up the prices by not selling at the recommended price.

The Internet is a goldmine for resources regarding pricing – you’ll want to look for the new recreational vehicle’s actual MSRP, or manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Because Recreational Vehicle dealers generally buy their stocks wholesale, this means a rather healthy profit margin, usually about 15 to 35 percent. Don’t get the dealer price confused with the MSRP, because chances are the dealer has purchased it for sale at a special price with incentives.

Make sure that you visit at least three recreational vehicle dealers with the same or similar vehicle. Take your time when shopping, and after asking yourself (and the dealers) several questions so you can make the most of this hundred thousand-dollar investment. Deals do differ from region to region and from dealer to dealer.

Don’t develop a vehicular crush (for lack of a better term) on a certain recreational vehicle. Buying a new RV for a few hundreds of thousands of dollars is not the time for you to get caught up in any affairs of the heart – this is a business deal, not a romantic proposition! Should your research lead you to choose another model, it isn’t the end of the world – the manufacturer can always build another, similar RV if you pass on it.

Make sure that you do a little research into the dealers after sales service. Many dealers are your best friends during the deal, but then lose interest in you afterwards. Make a quick check on the Better Business Bureau’s website, and interview friends, colleagues and family members who own RVs of their own. In addition to these valuable resources, there are many RV forums and blogs on the ‘net that could point you in the right direction.

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