When Considering Motorhomes For Hire

If you plan to travel this year, motorhomes for hire can be an excellent source of transport. Instead of flying and staying at a hotel, you may wish to bring the hotel with you. However, it is a little different when you drive a large vehicle and it helps to know a few things about them before beginning your holiday.

Many people think that they automatically qualify to drive a motorhome on the roadways. Yet, this is not always the case. If your vehicle is very heavy and large, you may need to have an HGV or heavy goods vehicle license to operate it, if it is over 7.5 tonnes. You will need a C1 license if your motorhome weighs more than three and one half tonnes and less than seven an one half tonnes. People who have their license longer than 1997 should already have C1 classification, otherwise they will need to pass a C1 test.

It is important to know about motor homes before you drive one. These vehicles are very large and it is different than driving a car. This kind of vehicle is much heavier than your car and it will not come to a stop as easily. Do not forget about height clearance when travelling also. If this is your first time, it may be a good idea to have some training. Check with local auto clubs for training classes.

Make sure that you pack at least one torch when travelling. Even though the motor home has sufficient lighting, you may need emergency light if something goes wrong. Also, you may not have a lot of light at the campsite and a torch or emergency light can come in handy. You may consider emergency lighting that does not require batteries and you simply crank it up.

Many people forget how much water weighs and they fill the fresh water tank to capacity. This adds a lot of weight to the vehicle and decreases fuel efficiency. If you only fill the tank halfway you will save money on fuel.

Try to pack efficiently. In other words, do not bring too many things with you. This is especially true with toys and things for children. If you travel with a full motor home, it can make it uncomfortable for everyone. Also, consider soft suitcases as they are easier to store out of the way. The fewer things you can bring, the easier it will be, and it will help save on fuel.

You should consider an extra gas bottle for things such as the stove. If you are on a long trip, you may use more gas than you think, and it may be difficult to find a place to purchase gas when travelling. You also may consider using cooking facilities that are available at your campsite, as this can help you save on gas.

If you plan on hiring a motorhome for your holiday it can be a lot of fun. However, you should remember that motorhomes for hire drive differently than your car. Make sure that you have a C1 classification on your driving license and pack as lightly as you can. You will save money on fuel when you bring fewer items and only fill the water tank halfway. For long trips with a lot of cooking, you may wish to have an additional bottle of gas.

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