Which is Better Diesel or Propane Generators

Power outages can be anything from an annoyance to a serious danger. Backup power sources used to be priced out of range for a household, but these days that’s just not the case. Being able to have power while repairs are being made is important. The brands and models out there are already daunting, but the major issue is propane generators vs diesel generators.

First, consider how much power you actually need for your home. Each of your appliances will have their power needs listed in the user manual. Since most of us don’t keep user manuals you can find general numbers on the internet. There’s no point spending a bunch of money on power you won’t need.

It’s useful to note that rural property, especially those on a well system, will almost certainly need more power than a city home. If weather is often hot or cold air conditioning units are big power hogs. Refrigerators and electric stoves/ovens also suck up a lot of juice.

Between the two systems propane requires a higher upfront cost. This is especially true if you install a large fuel tank and the necessary plumbing. Over the long term the picture gets a bit more complicated though.

Diesel fuel is available at any gas station. It degrades over time though, so it may not be good when you need it most. Many companies will deliver gas to your home and it can be stored safely and indefinitely in whatever quantity you like.

The maintenance of propane generators vs diesel generators is easier and less messy. Propane also burns cleaner and will never leave a mess if it leaks. It also will run no matter how long it has been sitting without attention, which is important in an emergency situation.

Reading generator reviews is a great way to choose the right generator for your house. Should Honda generators for sale prices determine whether you get a generator.